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Terms and Conditions

We highly suggest that you read all our terms and conditions carefully, understand them and abide by them wholeheartedly before placing an order with us on our website. Before placing your order, you will have to first acknowledge that you have read and understood, carefully, all our terms and conditions:

Note: The words mentioned in terms and conditions; “we” and “our,” refer to British Essay Writing Service unless stated otherwise.

Usage of Service: You are not allowed to use anything, even resources as your own. You are only authorized to use our papers as assistance, and if you submit it as your own work, then it would be considered as theft.

Trademark/Copyright: All the material available on this website, including images, written content, graphics, music or anything else solely belongs to the company, in its completeness. The things that have been utilized here cannot be used for any other business purposes under any condition.

Contact Details: You can reach us through different options namely phone, email, web query form or live chat with our customer support representative.

How to Make Payments: It is highly advisable for you to clear all your payments before finalising your order with us. Any delay in payments could impact the progress, and your task will be delivered late. You can seek payment details from our customer support representative.

Disclosure of Personal Information: We acquire the information of our clients which we assure to take care off. However, we would not shy to disclose all your information if it is about any legal investigation.

Customer’s Account: You would have to manage your personal account to ensure the safety and protection. You will be provided with the username and password, and we suggest you change it as soon as possible.

The company has the right to make changes in their terms and conditions at any time

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For any queries regarding our services for you, feel free to contact our customer representative department through live chat feature available on our website or by sending us a question submission form. You can also email us at , or give us a bell on .

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