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At the level of higher degree education, submitting a paper comprising of errors is a crime not unlike murder. The culprits who engage in this misconduct are often sentenced a low grade, which affects the overall GPA. The severity of this crime is made evident by the intense deduction of one’s grade, along with the negative reputation that is hard to detach from. To avoid this challenging moment, help becomes necessary. Hence, British Essay Writing Service is a hero that university students deserve and need!

We have launched Proofreading and Editing services, so students can submit papers that are free from all forms of errors. This service functions by taking the academic papers, proficiently written by students and handing them off to professional, linguistically intellectual editors. Fundamentally, the editing teams scan the paper, line by line and certify its exculpation from all categories of errors.

To protect our students from committing crimes against grammar, we have certified the competency of our editors. The candidates selected to perform this act were selected after the conduction of various tests of proofreading, writing and factual knowledge. As a result of these tests, we were able to select individuals that were able to edit the document prodigiously. Furthermore, our teams of editors collaborate with the research and writing department to make sure that the factual data included in the paper is 100% accurate. On the student’s request, our proofreading services also test the document for a hint of plagiarism. We have joined forces with a reliable plagiarism software program, which scans the document against the billions of existing papers and detects even a slight inclusion of a plagiarised content. The report of this scan is further e-mailed to the client (with additional charges).

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We, at British Essay Writing Service, believe in perfectionism. Ergo, we encourage our clients to submit papers that are articulated with perfection. Our editing and proofreading service functions as the platform for a student that lack time to perform this task. Essentially, by taking advantage of our service, students can benefit by having a fresh pair of eyes to examine their work. Essentially, our service takes care of the ensuing elements:

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  • Creating semantically successful papers:
    Our editing service considers it essential for clients to submit accurate papers. Thus, by working with our research department, we can confirm the accuracy of the facts. We double test the attached list of references to certify the reliability of the sources. Fundamentally, if the client requests the change in the referencing style, we can cater to that as well!
  • Adding coherency:
    A document that drifts without a purpose is not worthy of earning a top grade. As a result, the editing department highlights the non-cohesive sentences and makes the changes to create a coherent paper. At this stage, our professional writers work alongside the editors to formulate cleverly constructed sentences.
  • Removing grammatical errors:
    An academic paper with grammatical errors is bound to receive unfavourable grades. Thus, our editing service scans each word to make sure that everything is grammatically accurate. Essentially, a pair of editors is assigned to a single project so any mistake overlooked by an individual, can be caught by the other professional.
  • Fixing the sentence structure:
    By taking the assistance of our professional writers, we can formulate sentences that are concise yet detailed. Based on the requirements of our clients, we edit the sentences to make sure that they are neither redundant nor fragmented.

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