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Qualities Of Great Admission Essay – Are You Aware Of All Of Them?

Composing a college essay is the most challenging aspect of applying to any university as it plays a vital role in eliminating the candidates during the admissions process. The writing procedure, although difficult, is the most exhilarant experience. However, if writing essays is not your strong suit, utilising the services of essay writing service UK can be prove to be the most expedient option for you.


An exceptional college essay is an impeccable integration of your personality, passion and general attitude towards life. When composing your essay, you need to find qualities that will make you stand out of the multitude of students that have applied. These merits can be:

  • Your defining qualities: As the admission committees are aware of your grades and extracurricular activities, the college essay is the time to show off your personality and most dominant qualities. At this point, you should be original and inventive while staying true to who you are. College admissions look for students that possess the following skills:
  1. Leadership qualities.
  2. Sense of social responsibility.
  3. Ability to take risks and show initiative when necessary.
  4. Contribute to society.

Giving examples from your life events which display these assets shows your sincerity and furthermore, allows the admission committee to empathise with you.

  • Inclusion of a ‘knock-out’ moment: The most exceptional quality of any outstanding essay is its ability to hook the reader. Ensure that your essay includes a knockout moment that compels the admission committee to invest more and read further.
  • Your extracurricular activities: Although the admissions committee knows about your extracurricular activities, including them in a college essay shows versatility. However, it is essential to be sure that the mentioned activities are coherent and relate to one another so the reader can perceive your ability to learn and understand your capacity of applying the learned skill in other aspects of life.
  • Length: When it comes to a college essay, quality and the content of your essay is more important than the length. However, writing the essay proximate to the word limit provided is necessary. An essay which is too short or too extensive, identifies as an outlier, which reflects negatively on your application. Hence, make sure that your essay word count is relatively close to the prescribed word limit.
  • Mechanics: The mechanics of your essay are the most defining feature. Proofread your material over and over again to identify any grammatical or syntax error. Furthermore, examine the structuring of the paragraphs to ensure that the flow of the essay is smooth and coherent. Although, using an intricate vocabulary polishes your essay, avoid using an excessive amount of heavy terminology as it can make it difficult to understand your essay.

Taking everything into account, your essay should highlight the passion, drive and your uniqueness as an individual. It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate yourself as an asset to the university and coerce the admission committee to think through and accept your application.