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Lower Ability Students Who Will Be Defeated Out Through Running

The perception that not every student is alike may not sound very fair, in fact, it may even sound almost racist in nature, but here is the thing: it is true whether you like it or not. Not every student is born equal, so the possibility that you are not the brightest person in your batch has a fair enough chance of being true. This is where schools, teachers and students should come together to make sure that all students are able to gain the same amount of knowledge and feedback from a lesson, in spite of their ability level.


The idea that we need to work with, both from a student as well as an instructor’s perspective, is that not all students are born with equal abilities. That is why, while some students may be gifted and extremely talented, others may have learning disabilities. In regular schools, especially in the UK, while students are often segregated on the basis of their abilities, it is not possible to follow this strategy very stringently. A average class still ends up having both slow learners as well as gifted students all studying side by side.


What Students Need To Do

So as a student, just what are you supposed to do? You cannot end by just giving up if you are one of the slow learners. Or even you are one of the lucky few at the other end of the spectrum, do not get too complacent just because you are gifted. Students across the board need to study and study hard. It is just their learning times that differ so much. Eventually though, if you are a slow learner, here are some of the ideas that could work out for you:


  • Realise that it takes you longer to learn lessons

While learning lessons may come easily to some students, that is not the case with you. That is why you need to make sure you give more time to research, background reading and all other ‘oral tasks.’ Getting Essay help UK with all your written tasks, instead of slogging away for endless hours trying to complete all your work on your own, would be a much better idea for you.


  • Do not lower the expectations you should have from your work

It is very easy to fall in the trap of your own weakness. Many students, even to an unfortunately great extent, a lot of teachers feel that students with lower ability levels can only produce work that is of low quality. That’s not exactly correct. A lot of students with lower ability levels can still produce work of very high quality, provided that they are encouraged to do the same. In this case, a lot of young people love nothing better than to be sportingly challenged. This motivates them to perform better also. So if you have any problems, or you were not born a high performer, do not give up. Realise that you can do well also and challenge yourself to meet and exceed the standard of work produced by the best student in class also. You’ll be surprised at your own development later!